Why go to Church? Can I be a Christian without going to Church?

So What is a Church?

Is is the building that defines what is Church or is it the people that makes up the church?

Church is the body of Christ and Jesus Christ is the head of the church. Christ died for the Church, we are the church, which means Jesus Christ died for us so that we can live a life like Jesus did. Jesus lived and modeled a life that we as followers of Jesus should live. He lived a sinless life. He never sinned. and lived a life that was pleasing to God.

So we are the church and we carry Jesus in us wherever we go. Church is when a group of people gather together with the sole purpose of worshiping Jesus and learn more about God.

Why Go to Church? Can you be a Christian without going to Church?

Some people might say well I pray to God at my house and I don't have to go to church. Well they are not right. They think they are right and they're deceiving themselves. This way you can be a christian but you can't be a follower of Jesus, because just you are a christian does not mean that you follower of Jesus. Because the name Christian was given by humans to those who followed Jesus.

So if you are a Christian, you should find a local church and be a part of the church.

Church is the body of Christ and if you are a follower of Jesus, then you have to be a part of a family that is the church, and it is God's plan that become a part of the family. God loves family because he created it.

If you're in Hamilton and you're a christian and looking for a local church, then click the link below to see a list of churches in Hamilton.

Benefits of going to a Church

So as a christian we need to be a part of the church, and when we gather together to worship God and learn more about Him, there a anointing in the church, as we get touched by God's spirit. It's not like God only moves in the church, God's presence can come to you when you're praying in your room by yourself, but also we need to go to church as God speaks through the Pastor and there's a anointing in the church.

Also going to church you meet a lot of people who are christian and have the same faith as you do. and you become a part of the community and it's fun being a part of the church.

Also there's different kinds of church, different denominations like Pentecostal, Baptist, Anglical, Evangelical, Apostolic and many more.

Grace Evangelical Church is an Evangelical church based in Hamilton. It's a small family church, so it you like being a part of a small family, church. checkout Grace Evangelical church. They have around 80-100 members in their church.
They are located here:
152 Bankwood Rd, Chartwell, Hamilton, NZ

Another church is Gateway. Gateway is a Pentecostal church located in Victoria Street in Hamilton. If you're looking for a Pentecostal church in Hamilton, Gateway is the church to go to. Gateway is a big church, every sunday around 800-850 people come to church. If you love being a part of a big church, checkout Gateway. They've got an amazing community of people also if you're between the age of 18 to 24, and looking for a community of friends, go to Gateway church. 

Hope this article helps you find a good church. 


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